Famous Cheats in Call of Duty Games

Let’s be honest, who did not cheat in a match? Cheating goes back to the dawn of the games themselves; as well as punishments if you get caught. Cheating in a video game is not as easy as slipping a card under the palm of your hand or adding weight to a die. Most of them involve at least a rudimentary knowledge of file coding and modification. In addition, most of them will be banned if you get caught. Everyone will make everyone else shit.

Surprisingly, all the tricks are not undesirable. Games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 have features that most people consider cheating, like being able to see their opponents through the walls or disguising themselves as enemies. Even Call of Duty games offer some gifts to those who know where to look. Heck, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, recently remastered, has the ability to activate cheat codes and offers you a long list of choices. Of course, enabling hints also disables success and leveling. These features are reactivated when you disable tips.

Although some companies accept minor tips, this list will probably prohibit you if you use them. This list is more for educational purposes to let people know what is happening in the vast world of piracy.

God Mode

Call of Duty God Mode

Getting to God Mode varies from one Call of Duty game to the next, but the end result is always the same; you can’t take damage or die. Some of the games require players to exploit a glitch. An earlier version of Call of Duty let you activate God Mode through the developer console on the PC. However, in the newer games like Infinite Warfare, the only way to access God Mode is through a hacked server. Since Infinite Warfare uses peer-to-peer servers, your computer must be the host in order for God Mode to work. While it doesn’t increase your ability to kill, it does mean you don’t have to worry about anyone killing you. In God Mode, you can run around till you’re blue in the face. Feel free to jump off of any high ledge or play hot potato with live grenades.

Walk Through Walls

Call of Duty Noclip

If you’ve ever been envious of Casper’s friendly ghost, this trick will make you happier than a child in a candy store. The noclip command allows players to glide through walls without fear of turning their digital faces into virtual concrete. It will also scare the poor person on the other side of the wall. Do this in zombie mode, and they might well have a heart attack. Noclip, like many cheats, requires players to enter the developer console and enter the correct code. Of course, there are some technical issues related to the scattered noclips in the series. But the easiest way is to use the console controls. Once seized, you will be free to roam in the direction of your choice without fear of falling into anything. However, the console command noclip makes your weapons unusable.

Wallhack, ESP, Radar

COD Walk Through Walls

Wallhacks are pretty well known and one of the most common hacks you’ll find. They allow players to see other players through the wall. Some of the most basic show only gamertags and direction. More complicated wallhacks and ESP (Extrasensory Perception) will allow you to see the silhouettes of the other players. Anyway, it’s an extremely powerful cheat. Not only does it make searching for other players a lot easier, it’s also harder for your enemies to surprise you. Some Call of Duty games have wallhack problems, most of the time, wallhacks must be added through hacking. Hence the name.

Interestingly, Blizzard decided to make Wallhacks an Overwatch feature. Some characters have a limited ability to see other players through the walls. Although these benefits are not as powerful as a real wallhack.

What others cheats have you encountered while playing the Call of Duty series? Let us know in the comments below!

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