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COD Points Credits Free

[Tutorial] How to Get Unlimited COD Points, Credits & Items in Call of Duty: Mobile for Free

There are two types of virtual currencies to be used in the Call of Duty Mobile. COD Points and Credits, to be exact. You can earn Credits by completing various modes and activities inside the game while the COD Points can only be purchased through microtransactions. This expert Farming Guide will help you learn all about getting these in-game currencies without spending your cold hard cash. Are you ready?

How do I get FREE Credits in Call of Duty: Mobile?

COD credit in COD Mobile is the primary currency to buy weapons, upgrades for deadly weapons, tokens, and much much more. Fortunately, there are some lesser-known methods to get a good amount of credits.

Unlike COD Points, you do not have to purchase Call of Duty Mobile Premium Battle Pass to get free credit. Below are the methods to obtain credit in Call of Duty Mobile :

  • Log-in every day to receive 500 Credit
  • Complete daily and weekly task in-game
  • Watch some video ads to get some credits
  • Join and complete all limited-time event challenges
  • If you have a Battle Pass, try to level up as high as possible to earn 4000 credits

These are a few ways that reward you with credits on COD Mobile. At the time of writing, you can complete a special challenge in Battle Royale mode in exchange for credit too. But most of the time, you are already working toward them without knowing it. It is good practice to keep track on your progress to maximize your credit earnings.

How do I get FREE COD Points in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Bad news. Unfortunately, you would have incredible difficulty obtaining a large number of COD points without having to spend real money. Or go the easy way out, and use our COD Points and Credits hack. The best way to earn through the game is by purchasing Season 1 Premium Battle Pass, which will cost 800 CP, purchasable for $9.99 at the in-game microtransaction store (tap the button at the bottom right of the main menu ).

After you unlock the Battlepass, you can earn COD points by completing many challenges to unlock tiers.

When you level up battle pass over time, you should have sufficient COD points at the end of the season to buy the next season battlepass or any item you want. In addition to COD points, unlock levels Battle Pass also rewards you with items. More on that below. The game runs special offers for COD Points from time to time, so keep an eye out for if you’re looking to save a little.

How do I get FREE Items in Call of Duty: Mobile?

There are several ways for you to earn items in Call of Duty: Mobile. XP weapon cards can be unlocked, along with cool sprays and skins equipment for free. There are loot boxes too, if you are feeling lucky. Daily Crates can be unlocked, with a 33% chance of dropping rare equipment. Battle Pass Crates are available only at premium tier level, which more likely to give purple and blue legendary gear.

Earn rewards by participating in rank matches. Usually, you will earn Weapons XP card and some cosmetic items too.

Your online friends can send XP cards to each other with ease. They receive good treatment at no cost to you, and they might return the favor when they got the cards.

One thing to note is that if you got an item from a loot box you already own, it is being converted into COD Credits. The rarer the items. the more credits you get.


MVP! Hurrah!

I should also mention here that as a F2P (Free-to-play) gamer, I rarely encounter another player who had paid their way to have better items that you. With that being said, this is our farming guide to earn COD Points and Credits legitimately.

Do you want a faster and safe way to get unlimited points and credits for free? Just click on the button below to find out!

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