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Blackout Zombie locations and loot secret guide

How to unlock Blackout Zombies secret characters

The zombies are back in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and have a special feature in Blackout, Call of Duty’s first Battle Royale mode.

In Blackout, zombies appear everywhere on the map. When you kill these powerful enemies, you will often lose loot, and you may find exclusive zombie weapons such as the Ray Gun, provided you are not killed by the horde or a hidden opponent.

Zombies keep Mystery Boxes on the Blackout card, which you do not have to pay to use as in Zombie mode. Backpacks are also very useful in Blackout because taking one allows you to increase the number of items you can wear to a maximum of 10 items at a time.

It should be kept in mind that every time the circle collapses in Blackout, the Zombies become stronger. Their loot also improves with each collapse of the circle.

Zombies can control you pretty easily. It is therefore worth asking if you want to give up your position in the hope of giving up quality material, or placing it on an opponent and watching the madness unfold.

Blackout Zombie Locations

We have highlighted the locations of zombies with yellow circles on the map below. A ray of blue light on the map usually indicates that zombies can be found there.

Zombie maps and location spot

The southeast of the asylum is an open cemetery with some zombies. It’s a pretty tight space and zombies can do a lot of damage if they get too close. Eliminate them and the Mystery Box will appear in the center of this location.

Inside the asylum
As expected, zombies will appear inside the asylum and a mystery box will appear on the second floor.

Boxing Enclume
Just a humble gym infested with zombies. Erase them and you will find the mystery box in the center of the ring.

West of the matrix
The zombies will appear outside and try to get you inside the Tranzit Diner. Defeat them, climb up the ladder and you will find the mystery box above the building.

In the most southwestern part of the map is a lighthouse where you will find a swarm of zombies. Take your time to erase them and keep in mind that the circle is getting closer to the timer. The mystery box appears on the stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse.

Blackout zombie loots

Cod Gameplay

If there is a risk that you give your position to another player, the zombie hunt is worth it for the loot. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are some examples of the type of loot you can expect:

  • Firearm Zweihandler
  • Ray Gun
  • MP-40
  • Galil
  • Level 3 Armor
  • Assault rifles
  • The cymbal monkey

The cymbal monkey is especially useful because you can use it to lure zombies into the area, allowing you to clear them for loot or because you have spied on some enemies and want to cause some trouble.

In the absence of regenerative health, you will often use healing products, so be sure to manage your stocks of first aid kits, medical kits and trauma kits.

It is also worth collecting and transporting all the ammunition you find, as it will not contribute to the overall capacity of your inventory. Each type of ammunition has its own maximum ceiling. Thus, if you fill a certain type, you will still be able to recover other types of ammunition.

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