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Black Ops 4 Blackout Best Weapons List

Black Ops 4 Blackout Best Weapons List
What are the best guns to use?

As with all other Royal Battle games, you will start the Black Ops 4 Blackout Battle Mode with nothing but your fists as a weapon. In our guide to Blackout 4 Blackout weapons, we will detail a complete list of each weapon in the Royal Battle Mode, including a preview of the best Blackout Blackout weapons you can find on the map.

To learn more about Call of Duty Blackout, see our Call of Duty Handbook. You’ll find useful tips and tricks right below.

List of Duty Blackout Weapons

There is a wide variety of weapons in Call of Duty Blackout. From assault rifles to shotguns, choosing the right weapon for the right situation is the key to winning a game of Blackout. We have listed below all the weapons you can find in Call of Duty Blackout, then we will give you our choice among the best ones to use.

Call of Duty Blackout Assault Rifles

  • ICR-7
  • Maddox RFB
  • Galil (zombies)
  • KN-57
  • Rampart 17

Blackout Call of Duty submachine guns

  • GKS
  • MX9
  • Saug 9mm
  • Cordite
  • Spitfire
  • MP-40 (zombies)

Call of Duty Blackout Shotguns

  • MOG-12
  • SG-12

Call of Duty Blackout LMG

  • Zweihander (zombies)
  • Titan

Call of Duty Blackout Snipers

  • Paladin HB50
  • Koshka

Tactical Rifles Blackout Call of Duty

  • Swordfish
  • Auger DMR
  • ABR 223
  • Essex Model 07

Callout Duty Blackout Launchers

  • Hellion Salvo
  • War machine

Call of Duty Blackout Pistols

  • Ray Gun (zombies)
  • Conflict
  • Mozu

What are the best guns in Call of Duty Blackout

Now that you know all the weapons you can pick up in Blackout, it’s time to sort out the wheat from the chaff. You will find below our choices for the best weapons of Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Paladin HB50

In our experience with Call of Duty Blackout so far, the best setup is a good assault rifle with a 2x riflescope and a paladin with a Sniper riflescope. The Paladin absolutely destroys the armor and is perfect in the vast and vast open spaces that make up the Blackout card. The Paladin has less ball drop than the other sniper rifle in the game and is capable of killing very long distances.

Auger DMR

The DMR is a one-shot tactical rifle that’s perfect for a late game. Glue a 2x telescopic sight on it and it works essentially within the range of the sniper. You can find the strawberry around the asylum.

Hellion Salvo

You will often encounter vehicles in Call of Duty Blackout, and the final game is often dominated by players heading to the center on quads. If you see a Hellion, pick it up and go outside. Players in vehicles become cannon fodder thanks to the incredibly tacky, self-locking, head-lock. You can also use it to eliminate other players remotely.


It seems that the VAPR could become the most popular weapon of Call of Duty Blackout, given its ease of use. It has a high mobility and can be very close if necessary. Paired with a 2x telescopic sight, it is very versatile and ultra precise.


The Titan is becoming our favorite weapon in Call of Duty Blackout, thanks to its ability to tear armor and vehicles as if they were paper. When equipped with a handle and an extended charger, it is incredibly powerful.

Ray Gun

The ray pistol is as useful as it is stupid. It usually kills enemies in two strokes, so it’s worth considering. There is also the added benefit of having very few drops associated with laser lathes, so you should be able to access them easily.

Will more weapons be added to the blackout?

Treyarch confirmed that new weapons will be added later. These could include time-limited exclusives or new regular members introduced into patches. Given Blackout’s propensity to draw on the history of the series for his map and weapon list, it is likely that we will see some fan favorites back in the future. Barrett 50-cal someone?

It’s all about the best weapons of Call of Duty Blackout. For a detailed breakdown of the Blackout Map, see our guide to the Call of Duty Blackout maps.

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